How do I Join Referyaar?
Log in through Facebook. You will be immediately granted access to and you can start right away.
How can I access my Referyaar account?
Referyaar can be accessed through and also through the Referyaar mobile app. For new content in the different categories you can follow referyaar through facebook or instagram and also on our blog
What are the categories in Referyaar?
Although Referyaar covers all topics, we do give extra preferences to categories like Fashion, Books, Electronics, Movies and Mobile Apps.
How to post a review about a product/service?
You can review products or services on Referyaar. Go to the Refer tab > Input the product name > Select category > Upload a photo or use the one that pops up automatically > Select the reasons why you loved the product > Rate the product or service on a scale of 5 > Add a Message (your feedback is optional but recommended) > Click on Referyaar to post your review.
How can I remove my review?
You cannot remove or delete a review from your Referyaar profile. However, You can e-mail us at along with your reason to remove your review. may remove your review if your reason is genuine. However, the decision of is final.
How can I ask for an advice on a product or service?
You can reach out to your Referyaar friends and ask them for advice about a product/ service. Go to the Question tab on Referyaar > Input the product name > Select category > Input price range > Add a question in the Message section > Click on Ask > Select Friends you want to ask the question too. You can ask the Referyaarbot too.
Who can see my questions?
Only friends you selected during the question creation will be able to see and reply.
How can I remove my question?
You cannot remove or delete a question from your Referyaar profile. However, You can e-mail us at along with your reason to remove your review. may remove your question if your reason is genuine. However, the decision of is final.
How can I add friends?
You can search for friends from the connections tab and add new friends. Or you can add them by sending out invites from our website as well through your mobile app.
How do I unfollow categories on Referyaar?
To unfollow categories on go to Profile tab > Select Edit Categories tab > Click on the categories you want to unfollow.
How to delete my account?
You can send an email to to delete your account. It would be appreciated if you could share the reason of deletion since we are constantly trying to improve our customer experience.
How do I view my Connections on Referyaar?
To view your connections on Referyaar go to Profile tab > Select existing connections tab. You can see the list of connections you are following on
How do I earn points?
Points can be earned by Refer, Like or by Adding a friend. Diffrent points are assigned to each user when he/she performs any of these actions.
What are the ways in which I can redeem my points?
The points are Referyaars way of appreciation. Once you have enough points you can always exchange it for amazing gifts through our website.
What happens if my points get over due to some technical glitch?
Referyaar will do the necessary action and restore the points, however points will be taken away and not restored if any form of fraud or activity against the policies is found."
Does my points get expired?
Points are to be redeemed within 18 months of accumlation of the first point.
How many points do i get for each review? How can i earn more? My points stop after first 50 points. What should i do?
Points system is dynamic and can be changed any time. Currently we are giving 5 points for the first 10 reviews irrespective of whether you have any friends. After that you stop getting direct points for writing reviews. You also get points when
  1. Your friends on Facebook join (no invite code is necessary - we have made the process automatic)
  2. People follow you on app by adding you as a friend.
  3. When the above people see/like what you have reviewed.
  4. When they order that product from your review on app by clicking through the link on your review and placing an order which they do not return or cancel.
The points keep changing for the above based on a number of factors which are proprietary to us. We also reserve the right to change points system at any point.
How can i use points?
Points can be redeemed against any prevailing offers which fall under two categories:
  1. Unlimited redemption: Such as the weekly lotto, you can redeem the points for these offers as many times as you want till you exhaust your balance.
  2. One time offers: Like the current Paytm Offers, we will bring offers which can be redeemed by an individual from time to time.
I did my redeem but status is showing pending/approved. Please help me.
You have to wait till 48 hours from the time of request. Then please write to us on If your status says ID proof required/denied read below points 7 and 8 respectively.
I have used all offers but have lots of score. I want to redeem all the score now.
We will bring more offers from time to time. You will also see special redemption offers if friends buy what you have reviewed. e.g. If you recommend a product with a sale price of x and your friend buys it from your review (as explained in 2.4 above) you will get to redeem points to get a % of x. We are unable to fix the percentage as it varies a lot (can be between 1-10%)
How much are my points worth?
There is no fixed value to the points. We will try to keep the value as consistent as possible but may not be able to do so. Please track our offers and decide to use your points accordingly.
Do my points expire?
if you are using the App actively, points not redeemed will expire 1 year from the end of the month in which they have been earned. If you don’t use the app for 3 months the points will expire.
Why am i being asked for picture ID proof when my friend was not asked for the ID?
Why should i give my ID proof? What if you will misuse it?
Please be rest assured, we only ask for id proof where the alternate for us is to deny the redemption request. Once we have denied a redemption request from your account we will not be able to entertain future requests. We agree that this is a lot to ask and that genuine users may be put off by this but please note:-
  • We only ask for ID proof where our system picks something is not right.
  • This is important for us because it helps ensure genuine users are using the app
  • It is not our intent to say that your account is fake or you doing something wrong, we are just rying to create a more secure environment for all genuine users including you.
  • The reward or marketing budget is fairly spent towards genuine users.
  • We will not misuse your information. we are an authentic company looking to innovate and create a platform which will genuinely help all users.
  • If you follow all our terms and conditions, we will not request you for your id proof. We have request for id proof in approximately 10% of distinct users till now.
  • Please send id proof to We will soon add an upload feature in the app.
Why is my request denied?
  • You have probably violated some terms and conditions please familiarize yourself with them on
  • If you dont think you have violated terms and are using original facebook account and using only one account please send us a copy of your id proof at We will not respond to any messages prior to that.